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Golden Clone

One example of a browser-based online games with real income is the economic and intellectual role-playing game Golden Clone. Unlike most browser games, accumulated in the Golden Clone game money you can withdraw, receiving real money. And that makes the game more interesting.

For example, the simplest possibility - to get a job for clone in the Princedom - brings from 15 cents a month. And this is only one of the gaming experience for the newly created clone, and there is a lot of them in the game: it's various stock exchanges, and hunting, and playing with fantastic characters, and agriculture, including chickens that carry the golden eggs. You can receive dividends from gaming securities, build real estate, own ships, create the Princedom, build palaces, castles and wonder of the world... Factories, shipyards, Mage Tower, General Staff, the flophouse, a hospital ... And when properly calculating all of these features you can get additional income.

And the game opportunities are increasing time by time. For example, the possibility of growing plants has been introduced only recently, and very soon plans are to expand the capabilities of livestock.

Of course, as opposed to free games, Golden clone does not hide that for a full game opportunities it requires investing real money, but you can purchase the status of a Craftsman will required investment of only 5 Golden coins (about 5 €) or even less if you take advantage of the Hired Hand's secrets for start. And even then you can play first 90 days with the clone in the status of Hired Hand absolutely free - and even save some money, which will reduce the mandatory investment.

As a result, the Golden Clone combines the possibility of interesting online games that can be played for years (a game is online since 2007), and the ability to withdraw money earned in the game, receiving the real money back.

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