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Golden Clone secret for Hired Hand: how to pay less for Craftsman status

After registering at the Golden Clone your account immediately contains of one clone with the status of Hired Hand. Then you can buy 5 Golden coins for about 5€ and then rise the status of clone to a Craftsman - and begin to play full game version, or you can take the opportunity to play 90 days on the status of Hired Hand and earn a little money - and reduce the amount of required contributions to the game.

First of all you should go to the Dosshouse (Institutions -> Dosshouse -> Ask for shelter), here once in 24 hours a Tramp can get 0.01 for input captures (next time you can go not earlier than 24 hours).

Following will be a job. To get started go to the Labour exchange, where the unit of work for Hired Hands can get a job of a maid. Click on the Get task, input captures - and get paid in an hour. The system automatically selects the highest salary available to workers at the current time, the salary can vary widely. For jobs for workers can walk every hour.

There is also the second tab, the ability to work slaughterer. If there is money in fund to pay for Hired Hands, every 15 minutes you can take a job that will bring 0.0001 gold. But in order to work here, you must have at least 1 point of Butcher experience, for which it is necessary to gain 10 experience points.

In the third tab, here is an opportunity to get a job at building of houses, if there is at least 10 of experience points. Construction jobs to appear sporadically throughout the day, they need to be monitored. Most often this will bring 0.0001 gold, but it could be more. Job for Hired Hand here can take an hour each time.

In order to grow faster experience, arranged to serve Squire (Business -> Princedoms -> Armed forces of the Princedom). Here you need to use pull-down menu to select any principality, and then click the link at the options armor-bearer - to apply for service. There will accrue one point of experience on a daily basis.

The experience can be accumulated also in Labour exchange. You can get a job at the Sawmill, Stone Pit, Mine or Mill. For work every day will be charged one experience point. However, for an enterprise needs a Working robe. You can buy a Working robe at once for 30 days at 0.20 gold Exchanger's shop (Trade -> The Exchanger) or buy from Ragman (Trade -> The Rag-and-bone dealer's stand) Working robe with one day strength at 0.007 gold.

You should also become a Herald at the Embassy (Institutions -> Embassy -> Get a job in the embassy) for future benefits. It is not charged nor experience, nor money, but if there would ever be any embassy benefits you can't get them without service at the Embassy.

WARNING! A clone of the status of Tramp do not live longer than 90 days, already on the 91st day it will be deleted from your account and go into Hapless halls, whence it back to the account will not work. All money in account and experience will go along with it, so upgrade to a Hired Hand needed to do before that. In the status of a Hired Hand clone can live already indefinitely. Thus the cost of buying a farm laborer status is 5 gold, can accumulate, probably no more than 1,50-2,50 gold, the remaining amount will still be necessary to deposit real money. Waiting and saving the status of Hired Hand is not required, the status of a Craftsman can be bought immediately after the registration in the game - and you can start the game with most opportunities.

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